We challenge you to change the world.
To have more fun.
To bring your full self to work.
To take on a career that means more.

Culture and Community

We challenge ourselves to improve the communities we operate in a little bit every day. To create an open, inviting and inclusive culture. To foster a work environment where collaborative givers, continuous learners and ambitious go-getters thrive.


Promega is an international bio-tech company made up of scientists and non-scientists, with over 4000 high quality products that have been sparking inspiration and discovery in science for over 40 years.

We support scientists researching life and disease, pharma companies developing new treatments, forensic labs matching DNA from crime scenes and clinical labs running and confirming health tests – and that’s just the beginning.


Stories About Us, by Us

The stories of our employees are the best way to learn about the people, places and activities that make Promega all that it is to our customers and communities. Here are two stories from our US-based team. Read more stories here

"Why Hasn’t the 'Alternative' Become Mainstream?"

<left> Why I Made the Switch: The Journey of Finding More than Just a Job </left>

Why I Made the Switch: The Journey of Finding More than Just a Job

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